Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Ounce of Prevention

We are saddened by the bus bombings in Thailand. We offer our sympathy to families who lost their loved ones.

We commented back in 2009 on the need for hi-tech security in public bus transportation. Although, we were recommending these ideas to American transportation officials, this logic proved to be sound world wide.

The terrorist attack in Thailand upon the public transportation system proves to be such an example. We must become a bit more proactive and as we've said before, we must lean toward forward thinking. Forward thinking is prevention.

I'm sure the enemy (terrorist) are hopeful that this kind of forward thinking does not go forth.

Earlier, on in the early part of 2009, we ranted on about the necessity of security Marshall's within the bus transportation system as a staple among Jaguar Express, Inc. proposed plan toward developing greater public transportation. This must be done. We cannot afford to "just say no."

Let's not loose more innocent citizens of any country when we can help minimize the casualties.

Our plan to protect citizens who use public transportation (buses), can be applied world-wide. The primary benefit, of course, is to provide jobs, therefore, it is not in the cards of progress to "just say no," a reactionary attitude.

How many citizens must we loose to "just say no" policies that prevent progress and risk our safety. Congress must act to support new ideas and programs developed to help not only improve public transportation, but to make all of us safer.

We congratulate President Barack Obama for his efforts to develop a more economic stimulating relationship with China during his last visit.

Just say yes, to progress, a pro-active idea, indeed.

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