Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Enterprise or Free Money & No Jobs

Isn't the idea of "Free Enterprise" suggestive of pulling oneself up by ones own bootstraps?

If so, how could former President Bush give millions of dollars to banks and automobile manufacturers under the auspices that these "Free Enterprises" were too big to fail?

Think about it. If a business fails, competitors emerge, prices stabilize and the general public wins. When Mr. Bush and congress conspired with these large enterprises(by providing free taxpayers funds), competition was stifled,prices increased and the public will lose....every time. This practice is a fine example of Machiavellian politics. What happened to "bootstraps?"

Among the public loses is the key staple in a family's economic foundation and an overall integral component of our economy: mortgage banking. Now, imagine having billions of dollars of taxpayer's money (yours and mine) handed over to major corporations, banks in particular who refuse to invest our money toward balancing mortgages, yet sit on these funds and report substantial profits and bonuses.

Where is the money, one might ask. Banks are not responding to this question because they believe they are easily forgiven. The Savings and Loan crisis of the 70s serve to represent that banks have not changed this practice, but has accelerated the practice exponentially. This time around, the wealth of the entire middle-class was attacked at three fronts: mortgage banking, wall street and a war based on falsehood, an excellent effect of distraction.

Prince Machiavelli would be proud of Mr. Bush, automobile manufactures and banks for their collective cooperative effort toward deceiving the American public, which it has thoroughly effectuated.

Machiavelli would probably pour himself a tea and review the facts. There are over 800,000 bank foreclosures, as we write. Well over 100,000 bank employees were laid off work.

What is their get away plan? A plea of ignorance. Banks claim they did not know these mortgages were illegally foreclosed. While ignorance has never been (and shall never become) a legal defense for the masses, the table turns when large corporations (who cannot fail) plead ignorance to congress. This thought inspire another conflict, the support of congress toward this culture.

Real people with real mortgages are paying for houses valued at half its original cost. Take a half million dollar home (original purchase), for example. This house foreclosed, and the bank sold it for $350,000.00 on the court house steps, after receiving billions of dollars of bailout money, supposedly designated to help prevent the above described process. Next, third party companies were hired to handle the foreclosure process at about 10% of the value of the outstanding mortgage. In this example, that would be about fifty thousand dollars. This is how the mortgages were illegally foreclosed without checking proper paperwork to determine the legal owner(s) of the property. Next, the bank has the legal right to turn around and sue the homeowner for the balance an incurred expenses.

What can we do to stimulate the economy, in spite of the above reality? We, you and I can work hard for the implementation of pr grams such as Jaguar 5308, a program designed for federal grant funding to transportation companies designed to create jobs. A fraction of funds wasted and given to large corporations will provide tens of thousands of jobs under 5311-F, 5316, 5317, 5310 and more, involving many technologies including solar energy and bio-fuel.

Why is this not happening?

It's not happening because the people are not demanding it. Let's not fall gullible to the classic industrialist statement, " you can never go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

The public is beginning to display its better intelligence by walking away from those mortgages.

Handle this problem with your vote. Vote jobs - not the promise of jobs. If a candidate is not focused on the implementation of the programs mentioned above, he or she is not likely to support an authentic job creation program.

How can you help? Call your congressman. Ask, 'why aren't programs like Jaguar Express given an ample opportunity to create jobs under these federal programs? Follow the money and the story is self-told. Banks, Wall Street and congress are working too close together for the overall good of the public.

Why not pose that question to your congressman, today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Banks Employ a Get out of Jail Free Card

Is the U.S. banking system a stumbling block to economic progress?

A recent poll reflects citizens frustration with the overall banking system, especially, where mortgage banking is involved. A respectable percentage of citizens across all economic and ethnic demographics, believe the banking systems is the chief culprit in recent mortgage foreclosures. Banks asked for billions of dollars and the U.S. congress and Mr. Bush gave it to them, unconditionally. The assumption behind the gift was " stimulate the economy by making new loans available and to extend more time for citizens near foreclosure." But, that's not what happened, is it? If that's not Machiavelli's view of the masses (collective ignorance theory), and such a promise (a gift) has proven to be no more than a Trojan horse offered with strategic timing.....the American economy is in distress and we are engaged in war-perfect timing. The wolf operates against an unguarded hen house.

To properly complete Machiavelli's design, a integral component is required: distraction. When manipulating the middle class a tactic is needed to contaminate reasoning (among the educated) and inflame emotion. How about race, for example.
Welcome to the Tea Party.

It's equally disheartening to know that these same banks has made a tremendous profit from these practices, and to add salt to the public injury, congress gave these banks billions of dollars to effectively, lubricate the process of manifesting these criminal like practices against the American public.

Banks are reporting very strong profits in a down economy. How is that possible?

Bank of America, Citi-Bank and chief investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, are not alone in the ransom of public funds. For example, banks readily acknowledge the practice of expediting foreclosure procedures before properly conducting the title search and other due diligence dynamics. Why? There's a built-in economy here, although, only banks, lawyers and the processing firm will profit from this practice. Banks use only a few processing firms to expedite unwarranted foreclosures. Banks hijack equity positions and outsource most of the paper work to firms who basically, rubber stamp the foreclosure process (for a handsome fee). By doing so, the bank can claim "We didn't know the title was not clear. We didn't know........" This process is called "robo signing."

These same banks denied the court system who suggested bankruptcy court involvement in monitoring the foreclosure process from the very beginning.

The advantage is obvious, the bank receives billions of stimulus dollars and fail to invest those funds via loans, additionally, equity bearing residential properties are absorbed by the banks (forcing many people to live below bridges) who, in turn, dump those mortgages at a discount.

Our point is, stop the waste. Let's put american taxpayers dollars into programs that stimulate the economy. That's why Jaguar Express, Inc. exist, to put tax payer's dollars into transportation systems (via grants) to create jobs, today. This
is the simplest, most cost effective way to stimulate the economy free of waste, pilfirage and extortion.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vote for Jobs

The big question seems to be 'Why can't the U.S.A. produce jobs?

Jaguar's efforts to secure grants is stalled by a traditional hindrance which intrinsically, impede the flow of funds (by way of grants) to small business. Small businesses accounts for the majority of all new jobs. Historically, large companies created a small percentage of new jobs, the exception of course took place during the old smoke stack industry. These facts are well known among journalist and institutions that study and follow job statistics(including the Depart of Labor),yet little has been done to reverse that trend.


A sophisticated bureaucracy that effectively governs tax payers funds(your funds) toward making disbursements to old cronie networks and to fund administrators who distribute funds to organizations that allow the administrators to keep their jobs. The overwhelming theme threatening the administrator's actions is: just say no to new ideas and fund (by way of rubber stamping) existing grants that do not produce. This method has proven politically safe to administrators. Many dare make waves.

What has been the result of this kind of activity?

Here's a case in point. Banks received billions of tax payers funds in bailouts, but never invested our money back into the market, thereby influencing many overall economic restraints, not to speak of the practice among banks resulting in legally questionable foreclosures. Secondly, we blogged earlier about an unaccounted for $50 billion (yes, billion) dollars set aside by congress and the organization it helped create.

Here's the point. Billions of dollars are available to fund plans like Jaguar Express Inc's Economic Stimulus and many other small businesses. If the public want to see that these funds are used wisely toward the development of new jobs, citizens must contact their congressman and post the question: Why can't we fund efforts of small businesses toward the development of new jobs?

This is election time. This is our opportunity to speak out. It has taken eight plus years to produce such a sluggish economy, but we can begin to turn it around with the steering column of our votes.

Do not be distracted by news crafted to distort the issues (the sexual preference of civic leaders and stars arrested for drunk driving) instead, disprove the famous adage of a prominent American industrialist who said, "you can never go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public." Distractions work favorably against the people, a technique used successfully for centuries. In some cases this line of distractions represent the purest of Machiavellian strategies.

We now live in the information age. We are empowered to use information readily accessible to us toward casting our vote in the proper direction.

Vote jobs.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Ounce of Prevention

We are saddened by the bus bombings in Thailand. We offer our sympathy to families who lost their loved ones.

We commented back in 2009 on the need for hi-tech security in public bus transportation. Although, we were recommending these ideas to American transportation officials, this logic proved to be sound world wide.

The terrorist attack in Thailand upon the public transportation system proves to be such an example. We must become a bit more proactive and as we've said before, we must lean toward forward thinking. Forward thinking is prevention.

I'm sure the enemy (terrorist) are hopeful that this kind of forward thinking does not go forth.

Earlier, on in the early part of 2009, we ranted on about the necessity of security Marshall's within the bus transportation system as a staple among Jaguar Express, Inc. proposed plan toward developing greater public transportation. This must be done. We cannot afford to "just say no."

Let's not loose more innocent citizens of any country when we can help minimize the casualties.

Our plan to protect citizens who use public transportation (buses), can be applied world-wide. The primary benefit, of course, is to provide jobs, therefore, it is not in the cards of progress to "just say no," a reactionary attitude.

How many citizens must we loose to "just say no" policies that prevent progress and risk our safety. Congress must act to support new ideas and programs developed to help not only improve public transportation, but to make all of us safer.

We congratulate President Barack Obama for his efforts to develop a more economic stimulating relationship with China during his last visit.

Just say yes, to progress, a pro-active idea, indeed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jobs in Infrastructure

What's preventing us from creating jobs and preserving our infrastructure? Take roads, for example.

We may accept either premise: (A) Road construction is underfunded and we create patch work (filling pot holes, etc., as needed. If this is true, then - ineffeicincies at best but more likely - extreme waste is built into this module. Ever wonder why the Department of Transportation (DOT) is more inclined to do the work when pressured?

Take potholes for example.You've seen trucks with a two to three person crew as they've filled potholes. And then, they transport to another area, 20 miles away, fill another hole and they're off to across town, tommorrow. Isn't there something wrong with the logistics here?

Someone asked why can't they just finish one area, right, and them move on to the next. Shame on you. The answer should be obvious.....because it works, that's why they don't do it, efficiently. They work for the government. That's why they waste.

Back to the point; consider optin B.

(B) Money is wasted and transportation is overfunded. We may go so far as to use stereotypes in our expression. Example: Four workers standing along side the road while one is working. Of course, that has never happened.

And then there are the facts.

According to Brian Dolan, president of the Maryland Asphalt Association (and we're paraphrasing): In the early 1990s the U.S. congress along with the DOT plannned for and funded ISTEA (Tntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act). This bill help produce annual federal highway spending in excess of twenty bilion dollars.
See Maryland Asphalt Association at

Whether we approach from either perspective(to repair or to prevent), each side, congress and DOT agree that prevention is under funded. If underfunded, the public is underserved.

Underfunded? What happened to the thirty billion dollars ($30 billion)?

What thrity billion? you might ask.

In the early 1990s the U.S. congress along with the DOT created ISTEA with a six year authorization saw annual federal hiighway spending in the $20 billion dollar range.

The last federal gas tax increase was successful creating a surplus in the
federal transportation trust fund. This tax created an enormus surplus, but congress spent this trust fund money....some thirty billion dollars.

In the back door, stood the Surface Transportation Fund created to fund highway preservation. These funds can be easily used for other purposes. The construction of a socially productive non-profit organization that can produce income through a civic function; for example a museum, a zoo, a piece of art, etc. is more likely to receive funding than an open pot hole.

Jaguar's position is, why not create jobs by spending less on organizations created by congress and the DOT and rebbuild our roads and bridges that are destined to collapse affecting transportation as we know it for many years to come; doing so will help create jobs and induce consumer spending.

To JUST SAY NO to sound business practices will not.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Happened to the Jobs?

Where are the jobs?

As you know, most work opportunities have gone into road construction. Most construction involves re-cycled asphalt. This process saves the government money, but what happens with these savings?

After all, it's only costing the government 20 cents on a dollar to acquire asphalt related material. Why then isn't some of those savings used in the department of transportation in some ways described under Jaguar 5311-F?

In Extreme Home Makeover (televised) homes are built in one week. Why does it take the government so long to build with stimulus money? More questions than answers have been generated by the administration's inability to provide funding for job creating opportunities.

Case in point, there is a transportation project effective in Georgia that highly resembles the Jaguar plan. Marta (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit System), Greyhound, GRTA (Georgia Rapid Transit Authority) and more have access to our plan. Their plan has been funded by $60,000,000 but administrators seem confused as to what to do with the money. MARTA has a copy of the Jaguar plan which was given to Linda Morgan and one of the attorneys who does consultant work with MARTA; yet, there are no jobs.

Alabama returned over $25,000,000 to the federal government reporting they had no plan for transportation. Alabama never created a plan to properly submit to acquire stimulus funding from the very beginning.

Alabama never responded to the Jaguar plan. Insiders felt the plan was too transparent.

It seems that to become a millionaire, lately, one should run for office. The free enterprise system has been stifled by such government officials who access these funds for use other than to create jobs. Only the inside cronies are receiving funding and small businesses such as Jaguar Express, Inc. are left in the cold because we are accountable for every dollar we propose to invest toward job creation. It seems that the idea of transparency is frightening to those in office who do not wish to document the use of taxpayers funds.

The new trend among old cronies is to ask for money....receive taxpayers dollars and pocket them. Period.

Jaguar Express, Inc. created a viable plan with utmost accountability, yet has not received any funds to date. "If Jaguar Express cannot create twenty thousand (20,000) jobs with adequate stimulus funding, we will return the entire company over to the public," says Alonzo Evans, "after all, it's the taxpayers money to begin with."

Here's what Jaguar is doing: Since we have not yet received federal funding under the Tiger Grant, we have taken private measures to work with solid accountable small businesses toward creating jobs. We are contracted with real estate developers, solar energy companies, automobile re-sellers and several other entities toward using private money to create jobs, rather that wait in futility for the federal government to do what it should have done a year ago.

Jaguar Express, Inc. has also contracted with a local supplier and blender of organic fertilizers resulting in the development of proprietary fertilizers and weed killers. This effort is creating jobs and making the process of farming more efficient.

If we can do it with small operators, why can't the federal government apply a measure of forward thinking toward this end?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who is Jaguar?

Jaguar Express, Inc. originated with the idea of creating new jobs. Jaguar's timing could not have been more critical during the recession. The industries Jaguar focused upon from the beginning were green, affecting solar energy development, the creation of bio-diesel, wind energy alternatives and fresh water wells.

We focused on several states from the beginning to include Florida, Texas and Alabama in the transportation industry. With better transportation plans we can bring manufacturing back to the rural communities; simultaneously, we create jobs in diverse industries.

We can create clean energy for manufacturing with the advent of new technology which is now more cost-effective. This strategy is customized for small, rural communities because the boost to the economy in the small community is easily measured and affordable, relative to the community's budget.

Jaguar's ultimate plan is to fight for new green jobs toward stimulating the economy relative to the above mentioned rural communities.

Jaguar is yet awaiting federal funding after diligently working toward new job development over the last three years. We are hopeful the Obama administration will see the benefit of this plan.