Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Enterprise or Free Money & No Jobs

Isn't the idea of "Free Enterprise" suggestive of pulling oneself up by ones own bootstraps?

If so, how could former President Bush give millions of dollars to banks and automobile manufacturers under the auspices that these "Free Enterprises" were too big to fail?

Think about it. If a business fails, competitors emerge, prices stabilize and the general public wins. When Mr. Bush and congress conspired with these large enterprises(by providing free taxpayers funds), competition was stifled,prices increased and the public will lose....every time. This practice is a fine example of Machiavellian politics. What happened to "bootstraps?"

Among the public loses is the key staple in a family's economic foundation and an overall integral component of our economy: mortgage banking. Now, imagine having billions of dollars of taxpayer's money (yours and mine) handed over to major corporations, banks in particular who refuse to invest our money toward balancing mortgages, yet sit on these funds and report substantial profits and bonuses.

Where is the money, one might ask. Banks are not responding to this question because they believe they are easily forgiven. The Savings and Loan crisis of the 70s serve to represent that banks have not changed this practice, but has accelerated the practice exponentially. This time around, the wealth of the entire middle-class was attacked at three fronts: mortgage banking, wall street and a war based on falsehood, an excellent effect of distraction.

Prince Machiavelli would be proud of Mr. Bush, automobile manufactures and banks for their collective cooperative effort toward deceiving the American public, which it has thoroughly effectuated.

Machiavelli would probably pour himself a tea and review the facts. There are over 800,000 bank foreclosures, as we write. Well over 100,000 bank employees were laid off work.

What is their get away plan? A plea of ignorance. Banks claim they did not know these mortgages were illegally foreclosed. While ignorance has never been (and shall never become) a legal defense for the masses, the table turns when large corporations (who cannot fail) plead ignorance to congress. This thought inspire another conflict, the support of congress toward this culture.

Real people with real mortgages are paying for houses valued at half its original cost. Take a half million dollar home (original purchase), for example. This house foreclosed, and the bank sold it for $350,000.00 on the court house steps, after receiving billions of dollars of bailout money, supposedly designated to help prevent the above described process. Next, third party companies were hired to handle the foreclosure process at about 10% of the value of the outstanding mortgage. In this example, that would be about fifty thousand dollars. This is how the mortgages were illegally foreclosed without checking proper paperwork to determine the legal owner(s) of the property. Next, the bank has the legal right to turn around and sue the homeowner for the balance an incurred expenses.

What can we do to stimulate the economy, in spite of the above reality? We, you and I can work hard for the implementation of pr grams such as Jaguar 5308, a program designed for federal grant funding to transportation companies designed to create jobs. A fraction of funds wasted and given to large corporations will provide tens of thousands of jobs under 5311-F, 5316, 5317, 5310 and more, involving many technologies including solar energy and bio-fuel.

Why is this not happening?

It's not happening because the people are not demanding it. Let's not fall gullible to the classic industrialist statement, " you can never go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

The public is beginning to display its better intelligence by walking away from those mortgages.

Handle this problem with your vote. Vote jobs - not the promise of jobs. If a candidate is not focused on the implementation of the programs mentioned above, he or she is not likely to support an authentic job creation program.

How can you help? Call your congressman. Ask, 'why aren't programs like Jaguar Express given an ample opportunity to create jobs under these federal programs? Follow the money and the story is self-told. Banks, Wall Street and congress are working too close together for the overall good of the public.

Why not pose that question to your congressman, today.

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