Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who is Jaguar?

Jaguar Express, Inc. originated with the idea of creating new jobs. Jaguar's timing could not have been more critical during the recession. The industries Jaguar focused upon from the beginning were green, affecting solar energy development, the creation of bio-diesel, wind energy alternatives and fresh water wells.

We focused on several states from the beginning to include Florida, Texas and Alabama in the transportation industry. With better transportation plans we can bring manufacturing back to the rural communities; simultaneously, we create jobs in diverse industries.

We can create clean energy for manufacturing with the advent of new technology which is now more cost-effective. This strategy is customized for small, rural communities because the boost to the economy in the small community is easily measured and affordable, relative to the community's budget.

Jaguar's ultimate plan is to fight for new green jobs toward stimulating the economy relative to the above mentioned rural communities.

Jaguar is yet awaiting federal funding after diligently working toward new job development over the last three years. We are hopeful the Obama administration will see the benefit of this plan.

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