Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Happened to the Jobs?

Where are the jobs?

As you know, most work opportunities have gone into road construction. Most construction involves re-cycled asphalt. This process saves the government money, but what happens with these savings?

After all, it's only costing the government 20 cents on a dollar to acquire asphalt related material. Why then isn't some of those savings used in the department of transportation in some ways described under Jaguar 5311-F?

In Extreme Home Makeover (televised) homes are built in one week. Why does it take the government so long to build with stimulus money? More questions than answers have been generated by the administration's inability to provide funding for job creating opportunities.

Case in point, there is a transportation project effective in Georgia that highly resembles the Jaguar plan. Marta (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit System), Greyhound, GRTA (Georgia Rapid Transit Authority) and more have access to our plan. Their plan has been funded by $60,000,000 but administrators seem confused as to what to do with the money. MARTA has a copy of the Jaguar plan which was given to Linda Morgan and one of the attorneys who does consultant work with MARTA; yet, there are no jobs.

Alabama returned over $25,000,000 to the federal government reporting they had no plan for transportation. Alabama never created a plan to properly submit to acquire stimulus funding from the very beginning.

Alabama never responded to the Jaguar plan. Insiders felt the plan was too transparent.

It seems that to become a millionaire, lately, one should run for office. The free enterprise system has been stifled by such government officials who access these funds for use other than to create jobs. Only the inside cronies are receiving funding and small businesses such as Jaguar Express, Inc. are left in the cold because we are accountable for every dollar we propose to invest toward job creation. It seems that the idea of transparency is frightening to those in office who do not wish to document the use of taxpayers funds.

The new trend among old cronies is to ask for money....receive taxpayers dollars and pocket them. Period.

Jaguar Express, Inc. created a viable plan with utmost accountability, yet has not received any funds to date. "If Jaguar Express cannot create twenty thousand (20,000) jobs with adequate stimulus funding, we will return the entire company over to the public," says Alonzo Evans, "after all, it's the taxpayers money to begin with."

Here's what Jaguar is doing: Since we have not yet received federal funding under the Tiger Grant, we have taken private measures to work with solid accountable small businesses toward creating jobs. We are contracted with real estate developers, solar energy companies, automobile re-sellers and several other entities toward using private money to create jobs, rather that wait in futility for the federal government to do what it should have done a year ago.

Jaguar Express, Inc. has also contracted with a local supplier and blender of organic fertilizers resulting in the development of proprietary fertilizers and weed killers. This effort is creating jobs and making the process of farming more efficient.

If we can do it with small operators, why can't the federal government apply a measure of forward thinking toward this end?

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