Thursday, February 4, 2010

Construction Oriented Jobs for Rural Communities

The earlier phases of Jaguar Express Inc. involves construction. A priority is the building of Bus Depots by remodeling some existing buildings in rural communities and building from scratch where necessary. This process will create jobs for heavy equipment workers, plumbers, carpenters and restaurant workers.

Old buildings will be demolished and/or retrofitted to accommodate solar energy panels and state of-the-art buses and facilities. This process creates new jobs in energy efficient capacities. These processes emit low carbon.

" Someone has to drive the buses, load them onto trucks, warehouse inventory, cut and fit the panels into the roofs of buildings, and more. " said Alonzo Evans.

Jaguar plan to create jobs for both skilled and unskilled laborers and professionals, alike. For example, janitors are needed to clean the restaurant facilities. Restaurants are a result of new and existing franchisers (some of which are already committed). Waiters and waitresses will be needed. Short order cooks will be required as well as local bus drivers. We will need mechanics at each bus depot. We will need engineers, electricians and environmental professionals to complete the build out.

Twenty four hour security personnel will be required to maintain the buildings during and after construction.

Jaguar's plan is designed to stimulate economic growth in rural communities consistent with President Obama's Economic Revitalization plan. Jaguar is yet awaiting financing through a variety of federal job initiatives.

We, at Jaguar Express Inc. are praying for President Obama and the success of his job initiative and encourage our readers and supporters to do the same.

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