Monday, January 25, 2010

New Jobs through Clean Energy

Jaguar Express, Inc. copyrighted Jaguar Express, Inc. Plan back in 2007, consistent with President Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan for the distinct purpose of creating new jobs in transportation and associated fields. Fresh water well drilling, solar energy, bio fuel, wireless communication and the construction of depots, for example can be used to build a better quality of life in rural communities.

Jaguar propose to use wind energy, gas systems and clean coal technology as well. The plan can be implemented in many regions throughout the country. This plan is affordable to many communities and is reasonably duplicated to the communities in question.

This plan will boost the economy by creating new jobs in the above mentioned industries. The Environmental effects of the Jaguar plan are obvious. We are happy to announce our supporters and friends who believe, conceptually, and otherwise in the Jaguar Express Plan. Jaguar Express believes its commitment to forward thinking will help substantiate those realities in the near future.

We thank the companies mentioned below for their commitment to the community.

Atlanta Medical Center,,Solar Panels of Atlanta,,

Notice, we are bi-partisan and open to work with American companies who support the cause of new job development. Many companies owned by republicans share our vision.

Follow our blog and we will attempt to keep you adequately, informed.

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