Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Care Jobs in Depot

Part of the Jaguar Express plan involve providing jobs in Personal Day care Centers. These centers are incorporated in the Bus Depots, providing a safe environment for children and built-in convenience to parents. Day Care is a personal favorite of founder, Anita Evans who realize parents who could not otherwise work due to lack of adequate transportation and high cost of day care are enabled to return to the workforce, thereby increasing the overall workforce.

"This is a viable area of new jobs that has been essentially, overlooked," said Mrs. Evans.

Many single parents are returning to school seeking further education. A major prohibition to this effort has surrounded the expense of day care. We promised, earlier, to follow-up with new jobs for single parents and our youth. It.s here.

Funding for planned day care falls under Jaguar USC49-5316 and USC49-5317. Jaguar will play an important role in retrofitting as solar energy and clean energy has been part of the Jaguar plan since its incipience. Solar energy shall be used to provide heat and energy to each of Jaguar's day care facilities. Jaguar has also proposed clean water usage at these day care facilities by digging fresh water wells.

New jobs are provided by construction toward refitting buildings with solar panels, the digging of wells and by hiring day care personnel. In regions without proper public transportation, Jaguar will design proper solar equipped buses to ensure adequate transportation to and from work and to the day care centers.

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edith said...

I like your blog and i understand the importance of day care and jobs. I am retired now but used to work with single parent families and teenage mothers.I will follow yours and please check out my blogs and if you like it, do the same.
Thank you