Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jobs in Agriculture

Jaguar Express propose to create new distribution channels to local farmers. Bus depots are created to provide new jobs in a new market place in which fresh, organically grown produce may be distributed for sale. This opportunity provide additional retail sales and supports healthier diets, although fast food snacks are also accessible through these channels (bus depots).

American farmers comprise less than six percent of our GDP. By comparison, The Republic of China's farming community accounts for about thirty percent of its' GDP.

What are we driving at? We need to do a better job in our farming community. For example, we can make farming more solar energy efficient by retrofitting the barn. Many barns are covered with tin panels and roofs. The metal, tin, attracts sun energy, intensively. Solar panels can be used to attract and retain energy more efficiently. The farmers saves money and harness power by creating a re-chargeable grid, allowing an additional source of income by selling its unused energy to neighbors, all as a result of retrofitting.

Many farmers are drawing water from lakes and springs; however, there is far more water beneath the surface than all the rivers and lakes combined. Secondly, this water is cleaner and more cost-effective to filter and capture.

New technolgy affords the farmer ability to take advantage of these resources-a technology which was not readily available fifteen years ago.

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