Monday, January 4, 2010

New Jobs / Export Opportunity in Re-Manufacturing

The year 2010 introduces new job opportunities via new export challenges in transportation. Jaguar Express, Inc. has introduced an opportunity to re-tool existing buses by re-arranging chassis and emissions to exceed the environmental standards of countries in which those units (buses) are exported.

Jaguar Express, Inc. propose to take existing inventories and re-tool by refurbishing the buses. Jaguar Express will add new chassis, heavy duty chassis with a prolonged life cycle and environmentally friendly engineering.

This opportunity creates a three-fold economic advantage. First, Jaguar is creating new jobs in an existing industry where layoffs are superfluous and unsustainable, for example, the automotive industry. A sub-component benefiting this new economy derives from closed factories that can be re-employed to house new or re-trained workers in the automobile industry toward re-manufacturing. Countless numbers of jobs may be attained by this practice, but there's more. For example, hundreds of new jobs may be created in export administration toward maintaining inventories of buses redesigned and prepared for overseas shipment. This happens as a result of using used bus inventories, re-tooling and re-manufacturing those inventories.

Millions of dollars are saved because latent inventories that are completely depreciated can be re-tooled and shipped to secondary markets. Normally, those inventories represent a loss; however, the hull of many buses are yet useful. Re-manufacturing makes the vehicles more environmentally friendly, thereby creating a new product when re-marketing.

" We have therefore turned a liability into an income producing asset," said Anita Evans.

An important question has been posed to officials at Jaguar Express, " Where will you find funding? "

" Capital is returned from revenues developed from export business as a result of re-manufacturing. The old inventories were historically written off," Mrs. Evans added.

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