Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Jobs Created by Stimulating the Economy

“The approximately 3.5 million jobs created or saved will reflect the current distribution of jobs across the economy,” touching all industries, says Heidi Shierholz, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute. Due to the severity of the recession, “that’s not going to fill in the employment gap entirely,” she says.

"A number of those industries ," says Alonzo Evans will include, Solar energy, clean water from drilling fresh water wells, wireless communication systems, bus depots, new bus drivers, restaurants, etc."

Many of these jobs can be created right away as a result of vacancies among retail auto dealers, shops which are basically an eye sore in the community. We can turn these negatives into positives by re-tooling these facilities in transforming them into bus depots. Millions of dollars are saved because we do not have to build these facilities from scratch. The proper sewage and irrigation systems are already in place. Common sense approaches saves money.

Jaguar plan to focus on communities with ten percent or higher unemployment rate. We are demonstrating accountability in neighborhoods hardest hit by unemployment. This plan should help minimize crime (by creating jobs at the low-income level), reduce pollution (due to low carbon emissions) and reduce vandalism at vacant buildings- due to abandoned auto dealerships, retail stores, etc.)This is a modular, not limited to one state.

Jaguar plans to implement this plan in many different cities across America.

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