Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jaguar 5311-F Creates Jobs Through Healthcare

Congratulations to President Obama regarding his trip to China, a rather successful trip considering the complexities involved. We also congratulate President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It appears the world is seeking peace. It further appears that President Obama demonstrates accountability, in general, after the free wheeling of our financial institutions over the past eight years. The president is breaking down barriers built over the last eight years, broken barriers that may give world peace a chance.

We believe the president is accountable in that he is not dropping the ball on the health care issue, a personal quest of the deceased senator Ted Kennedy who spent the last forty years of his life attempting to make health care affordable to all Americans. We believe his name should be part of the bill, creating a bi-partisan effort to put health care under control. It's time all parties come together with common sense efforts to establish a red, white and blue organized plan affording us the ability to make accomplishments in a forward thinking manner.

Jaguar 5311-F originally created health care provisions as part of its economic stimulation initiative...again common sense thinking is a big part of the solution.

Jaguar 5311-F is looking forward to securing health care benefits for future employees by affecting children, today. A healthy public, today, leads to a healthy workforce tomorrow. We suggest investing in our youth, today.

Follow us to see how jobs can be created for our youth today. Many of those jobs will originate in our proposed bus depots.

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