Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving forward with New Technologies Means Jobs

Why was Jaguar Express created? What is Jaguar 5311-F?

Jaguar was created to develop new jobs for Americans. Jaguar 5311-F follows 5316, 5317 and many provisions within the confines of the Federal Transit Authority.
5311F is provided for transportation in non-urbanized areas with a population under 50,000.

Beyond the benefits of transportation (new jobs, new economies, etc.) are additional economies. Solar energy technologies, fresh water wells, bus depots, buses, wireless communication centers can stimulate local economies, excessively.

Within Alabama alone, we plan to create over 20,000 jobs at about $290,000,000 in the local economy. These are clean energy jobs, jobs that remain in America and may be created by American companies.

Jaguar has successfully submitted proposals that address the economies mentioned above. For example, "Our plan in Florida, Texas and Alabama can be duplicated in many states. Georgia for example, is a state can benefit from duplicating Jaguar 5311-F which can help the state save money while addressing the state's water shortage,"
said Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar Express.


" By drilling fresh water wells," said Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar. Jaguar has the technology to purify water. Jaguar has the human capital. Jaguar can covert nor-recyclable plastics into fuel. Kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline and furnace oil. All EPA approved."


Jaguar Express is duly associate of " By building Depots, we create jobs, which creates security in each community where Jaguar 5311-F can be implemented."

There's more to come with a recent news release regarding the tremendous progression of Jaguar Express involving new technologies, endorsed by prestigious Universities.

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