Thursday, November 19, 2009

Accountability for Job Creation in America

The progression of Jaguar 5311-F job creation plan is easily accounted for. Previous post have demonstrated the need for new jobs in bus depots associated restaurants, communications, security, bus drivers, water wells, homeland security, and more. Jaguar 5311-F plan to provide security on buses to remain ahead of the curve.

Here are the numbers.

There are 300 buses to acquire in one state, only. This should create about 9,000 jobs. According to ABC news and Charles Gibson, the building of a bus involve over 30different components. For example, the brakes, tires, rims, engine, chassis, brake pads and calibers, windshields, doors, wheel chair lifts, etc. all create about thirty new jobs.

"The point is," said Alonzo Evans, of Jaguar Express, Inc. " is that each component creates at least one new job. These new jobs are easily accounted for as part of basic manufacturing logistics. "

Jaguar does not plan to involve multiple sub-contractors in any part of its plans, therefore, it can account for the location of the job and the number of new jobs created.

"Eliminate most sub-contractors and create more accountability," says Evans.

Jaguar propose to create 14 new jobs per bus, including bus drivers, maintenance personnel and administrators. New facilities will include the construction of buildings for corporate headquarters along with five different locations to shelter buses. Each maintenance facility will contain forty thousand gallons of fuel with four holding tanks to store fuel. This effort will require 300 buses which will create 4200 new jobs in one state, alone.

"Forty two hundred new jobs," Evans exclaimed.

In addition, we are building 15 bus depots at about 30,000 sq.ft. facilities. We anticipate a great number of new jobs in construction, alone. There are fast food restaurants associated with each depot, not to speak of homeland security, wireless communication systems, well-drilling for fresh water and solar energy. When necessary, wind energy, gas and clean coal energy may be applied.

"It doesn't take rocket science to see that this program can create over 7,000 new jobs in each state where Jaguar 5311-F is employed," says Evans.

In a previous writing, we spoke of employing our youth and creating entrepreneurial opportunities. The depots provide opportunities among young people of a variety of economic and social backgrounds which will have a strong positive impact on the community.

Genuine entrepreneurship starts from ground up. Sometimes, we must look down in order to pull others up.

"Sometimes we have to die a little today in order to live tomorrow," said eight year old Truitt Spencer of Atlanta, Georgia.

Let's focus on the children.

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