Monday, July 20, 2009

Jobs, Wells & Water

There has been a severe water shortage in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida region. This shortage led to ongoing litigation among the states. A Federal judge recently ruled that Alabama, Florida and Georgia require an alternative source of water. Under Jaguar 5311-F alternative water supply options are in place. The essence of the Jaguar plan evolves around digging natural fresh water wells.

" What's wrong with using what has worked for ages. Common sense?" asked Alonzo Evans.

Jaguar propose to eliminate much of the inevitable political maze and waste by using natural resources already in place; for example, we can extract fresh water, immediately. This process of extraction will create thousands of new jobs and restore the infrastructure of our eco system. Many benefits are associated with this strategy; it saves money; it eliminates waste, it creates jobs; water is life.

The states of Georgia, Florida and Alabama are currently extracting water from the Chatahoochie River, Lake Lanier, Lake Altoona, etc. Many pipes and man-made materials within the lakes are distressing the eco system. Corrosion, displacement, contamination of mussels and many natural denizens of the environment are adversely affected.

If you would like to have Jaguar 5311-F effectuated, please contact your congressman, and local representative and ask Why Not?

Why not create jobs by digging fresh water wells? Why spend billions of dollars researching additional avenues of locating and extracting fresh water when an old tried and proven --environmentallly correct--means is at hand. It's also, relatively inexpensive. When we overlook the current political environment, we arrive at forward thinking. We should look back, only long enough to learn the lesson. The lesson entails the effective use of natural resources.

We have water.

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