Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forward Thinking to Create 100,000 Jobs

When asked about Anita Evans, co-owner of Jaguar Express, Inc. . "That's my lover," said Alonzo Evans. "She's the hardest working person at Jaguar Express. It's her tremendous support of the vision, that is the vision of forward thinking, that has made the dream materialize."

Jaguar's objective is to create jobs.That's the point of plan Jaguar 5311F. We are crossing our last major hurdle. It's one of funding. Jaguar Express will continue to push forward,especially where the acquisition of funding toward new jobs is concerned.

What is Jaguar's position regarding states that refuse Economic Stimulus funding? "They are right to do so because they have no plan," Said Alonzo Evans.

The audience agree. In the absence of collective creativity and planning nothing gets done.

Jaguar is excited to answer your e-mail, however, feel free to post your rebuttals at this site.

We are inspired, however, that the current presidental administration is looking forward. We too, are looking forward to change. We are looking forward to new jobs. We are not focused on yesterday's news ie. AIG International, Bank of America, Citi Group.

The development of new industries or modified old industries such as public transportation requires new leadership. We can't lead forward if were looking backward. Speaking of which, it has taken months for some states to see the wisdom of rebuilding infrastructure. Alabama, Missippi, and Lousiana, to name a few, are apparently, looking backward. The lower ninth ward of New Orleans is a prime example.

Several states have given Jaguar Express, Inc. accolades and sought effective means of supporting Jaguar 5311-F.

"That's to be expected because those states are well managed. They demonstrate creativity......leadership. They're looking forward," said Alonzo Evans.

"Everyone didn't vote for progress," said Anita Evans. "Let's continue pushing forward. Yesterdays news happened yesterday."

"It's easier to make good decisions when you have the support Anita gives me," said Alonzo Evans of his wife.

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Access to transportation in small rural towns will be the key to stimulating growth not just in these small regions but throughout the U.S. Access to transportation means access to jobs means increase in disposable income to spend throughout the community. Great Thinking Jaguar... if we start with the tiny towns, growth will eventually expand to the bigger cities. In order to build infrastructure we've got to create jobs... This fits right in with our presidential vision..

Spelman College Alum.. Class of 1990.