Monday, March 2, 2009

100,000 Jobs /Jaguar 5311F

Andulusia, AL - March 2, 2009. Jaguar Express, Inc. is proud to announce the submission of Jaguar 5311F to three additional states.

"Thank you for your many emaill submissions," said Anita Evans, Vice-President, Jaguar Express, Inc. "However, be sure to log into the blog as a follower so that you may post your comments there."

Evans reported that most of the emails polling the movement of Jaguar 5311F through the system addressed the question "when will the jobs become availabe and what's holding it up?"

"During the past week, three states are reviewing the plan," said Evans.

Jaguar 5311F is now pending review at the state level of FTA. Sources close to Jaguar management stated that the plan was named due to the fact that Jaguar 5311F is consistent with the president's plan (49 USC 5311F) to bring adequate public trnasportation to low-income communities, to assist the handicap and mobilize the elderly as part of the Inner City Transportation Plan.

"The plan to create one-hundred thousand jobs is not yet held up," said Alonzo Evans. "It's not yet time to call your congressman.....congress-woman either."

Evans asked the public to stay tuned to upcoming news on the development of Jaguar 5211F and the premier states in which it will be implemented.

*Jaguar Express, Inc. welcomes former Asst Secretary of Department of Transportation under the Clinton administration and former Director of Planning and Transportation Development for the city of Tampa. There's more to come.


livingtodaylikeitsmylast said...

Go Uncle Alonzo and Auntie Anita..
Love the both of you very much!!!
Hope it all work out..
-Erica Howze
Alonzo and Anita's neice!

livingtodaylikeitsmylast said...
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peggy said...

wow! you guys are really amazing...Alonzo, you have incredible vision and drive! Anita, you have impressive stamina and optimism...If anyone can do this project, I know you two can...what a team!! Looking forward to the rewards of your hard work.