Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"No Money - No Jobs!"

Columbia, South Carolina - Many unemployed heads-of-family within communities in South Carolina are puzzled at the state's refusal to accept economic stimulus support for its residences.

It appears the best interest of the people is lacking in traditional red-states.

Further pursuit of this question prompted an answer from Jaguar's president, Alonzo Evans who has consistently sworn by Jaguar 5311-F, a plan that creates jobs at a considerably lower cost than that of the U.S. federal government.

Evans explained.

"Red-state politics diminishes creativity and unity within government. I'm speaking of influential decisions made in Washington boardrooms -decisions that fail to create jobs with taxpayers money. Instead, it appears that public money is disappearing three hundred and fifty billion dollars per visit. Where's the money...where's the jobs?"

"South Carolina is not the only state to reject the Economic Stimulus package," said Evans.

Evans supports direct investment of taxpayers money into creating new jobs. Jaguar believes its' plans are consistent, philosophically and otherwise with that of President Obama.

"No money, no jobs," said Evans.

The point of Mr. Evans response questions what he believes is holding up the public transportation jobs.

"Bureaucracy," Evans respond.

Jaguar, as the blogger audience know, propose to create over 100,000 jobs in each of 100s of communities across America.

When told that some people may consider his remarks inflammatory, Evans responded. "There are no jobs. Executives of major corporations are yet receiving billions of dollars of tax-payers funds without the commitment to a single new job. That's inflammatory!"

Stay tuned.

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