Monday, February 23, 2009

Stimulate Employment/Reduce Energy Cost

February 23, 2009- Atlanat, GA. Executives of Jaguar Express, Inc. raised a pertinent question regarding a conference addressing the use of alternative energy infrastructure in buildings associated with government funding.

"They're passing out funds to major corporations in Washington, but has anyone demanded the use of solar energy panels as a means of reducing energy cost to those recipient companies, i.e., Citi Corp, AIG, Bank of America?"

Bloggers are not suprised those questions were never asked. Hello, out there. Where's the money?

All jokes aside, it would stand to reason that government officials will require alternative energy sources to re-coup losses at government owned buildings. Will this technology be applied to currently planned infrastructure spending?

Look closely at Chrysler and General Motors plans (when provided) toward the use of alternative energy in its' facilities (Dealerships, distribution plants, etc.)

When asked why alternative energy is significant to new infrastructure spending, Evans answered, "...because the cost to power a 20,000 square foot building using solar energy panels will reduce the energy bill considerably over time. The savings in the first year will nearly offset the initial installation expense over 40 kilowatts."

"Jaguar's plan is timely. It will help stimulate job opportunities in the Solar Energy field as well," says Robert Green, President, Green-ovation in Macon, GA.

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