Monday, February 2, 2009

100,000 Jobs/Economic Stimulus Package

Atlanta -GA. Jan 2, 2009. As of October, 2007 Jaguar Express, Inc. began to release its plans to create and modify public express route transportation system throughout numerous counties throughout the United States, resulting in 5,000 to 10,000 new jobs per region.

Jaguar Express, Inc. has developed plans consistent with President Obama's economic stimulus provisions.

This is a module. This module can be duplicated in over 200 U.S. regions.

"There are well over 200 regions for which Federal plans 49 U.S.C, 5316, 5311, 5307 and more, specific to our module. These plans are developed to assist the elderly, low-income residents and the handicapped," says Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar Express, Inc.

When asked how difficult it has been to market the job creating plan, Evans responded. "We started at the top in terms of creating transportation depots for buses along with restaurants which will induce further employment. Take MARTA for example. (Atlanta Metro Bus & train), the legal consultant for MARTA met with me personally regarding this plant toward its' possible participation in making use of our depots and map designs."

Jaguar Express, Inc. did not stop at MARTA but opened its map design expertise to all regions consistent with Job Access Reverse Commute Program congruent to the presidents economic stimulus plan.

Jaguar Express, Inc. has designed a proprietary Express Bus Routing System that creates tens of thousands of new jobs stimulating new economic activity.

"The point of the plan is two-fold," said Anita Evans, (V.P. Jaguar Express). "One, we are creating viable employment.....the qualatative effect results in jobs that last...from bus drivers to fast food servers. Secondly we plan to exploit alternative sources of energy such as bio-diesel."

Jaguar Express, Inc. is suited to begin hiring, immediatley upon the FTA approval, as the proposal is now pending federal authorization.

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Mark Goodridge said...

Having spent over forty years in the UK, I have seen public transport as an integral part of urban living. If our love for the motor car is to be balanced by public transport an efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly service is needed. Jaguar Express Inc demonstrates the innovative foresight that will accomplish this goal.