Sunday, February 22, 2009

Revitalization of U.S.A. Manufacturing

Atlanta, GA. Feb. , 2009. Jaguar Express, Inc. announced its' plans to help re-vitalize U.S.A. manufacturing.

Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar Express, Inc. states that many discharged workers in the automobile manufacturing industry will benefit by re-tooling. For example, specialty chassis (heavy duty) are required to sustain safe transportation in certain rural areas of the South. This effort will require re-tooling commensurate with 49 U.S.C. 5316.

"A case in point," Evans commented. "Rural Alabama (South East) has more dirt roads per hundred miles than most any place in America. What that means to a bus driver or passenger is at best a bumpy ride, but more seriously, heavy duty chassis are required for passenger safety. This is an opportunity to put displaced automobile workers back to work."

"It sounds simple," a reporter commented.

"We can provide chassis, new engines and tires. We're looking at five thousand buses in each of 200 regions, to start. There are six tires per bus...that's thirty thousand tires per region. You get the point?"

Jaguar Express, Inc. may very well help offset some job losses throughout the industry, including some five thousand recent job layoffs at Goodyear, alone.

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