Tuesday, February 3, 2009

,1,000,000. JOBS Proposal

Atlanta, GA - February 3, 2009 Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar Express, Inc. announced today that over one million new jobs may be created comprising over 200 U.S. Regions, based on his public Express Route transportation Module.

"Has the lack of lobbyist presence created more accessibility to Washington?" a reporter recently asked, "or does the economic stimulus plan face opposition toward implementation?"

"Old habits die hard," Evans responded. "Although, we now have clean leadership in Washington, many of the old bureaucracies continue."

The ever persistent Evans sought creative avenues toward exposing his transportation based economic stimulus trasportation module to include Florida, Alabama and many states consistent with Job Reverse Access to Work Program 49 U.S.C. 5316.

Evans can be reached at alonzoevans41@aol.com

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Antonio Evans said...

Being in the transportation industy and living in the southeast I have seen the need for this tpye of transportation.
The jobs that will be created can help those who do not have access to public transportation and will help those who have had to spend up to a third of their income just getting to and from work under the Bush administration.