Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Jobs: Restaurants & Bus Depot

Atlanta, GA - February 1, 2009. Jaguar Express Inc. announced it's plans to incorporate restaurants into various routes of its' Public Express Trasnsportation Module.

Its module has been submitted to the Federal Transportation Authority of numerous counties throughout the U.S.A. Many jobs are expected as a result of express bus transportation to facilitate the elderly, handicapped and low-income residents under 49 U.S.C. 5307 and 5311.

"Do you plan to include existing restaurant franchisor(s) vendors or, Rapid Transportation Authority vehicles?" a prominent blogger asked.

"We have offered both," Said Alonzo Evans, President of Jaguar Express, Inc. "For example, we met with MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transid Authority) back in November of last year. The point of the meeting addressed the option of providing vending services in lieu of a full service cafeteria. MARTA elected to offer vending services as a result of competing restaurants in the area ad its relatively small customer base."

Evans proposed to create five to ten thousand jobs per region as his Express Transportation Module plans are executed. These plans create express transportation in areas where mobility is less accessible to the elderly, handicap and low-income residents. Jaguar believe its plan will stimulate the economy and create new, long term jobs.

"Buses must be purchased. Building will be leased. Someone has to drive the buses; someone has to operate the depots, "said an official of Jaguar.

"There are new job opportunities for restaurant employees, bus drivers, electricians, Joe the Plumbers of the world, janitors and many blue collar workers," Said Anita Evans, Vice President of Jaguar Express, Inc. "...not to speak of the many small business opportunities provided to entrepreneurs and professionals. Lawyers, Accountants, engineers will profit greatly from the economic stimulus this venture provides."

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